Rules & Regulations

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To ensure a complete understanding of our Rules & Regulations we’ve listed below, please take the time to read the entire list carefully.  Have a question?  Click here to send us an email or you can call us at 1-816-774-4250.


  1. A sixty (60) day written notice is required prior to the date of vacating your apartment in order to be eligible for the return of your deposit.
  2. No occupants other than those listed on the lease will be allowed to occupy an apartment without written permission from the management.   There is a 14 day limit on visitors living in your apartment. You are required to notify management of all extended stay guests.
  3. No business may be operated out of or from the apartment.
  4. There will be no soliciting or peddling on the complex premises.
  5. There can be no babysitting other than for your immediate family. No commercial sitting unless written permission from the management is obtained and then on for sick or disabled.
  6. The use of any type of explosive, firearm or other dangerous weapon in or about the apartment complex is strictly prohibited. This includes fireworks.
  7. A lockout fee of $25.00 will be paid in advance for lockouts. The fee is double all day on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays.
  8. Every resident is entitled to a quiet place to live. No resident will make or allow to be made any disturbing noises by himself, his family, agents, visitors, etc., nor do we permit anything by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other residents. This includes: loud music, running up and down stairways, yelling, screaming, and any other disruptive noise in hallways, common areas and parking lots.
  9. Pets allowed only when approved and registered by management and Pet Deposit is paid in advance. All pet owners must sign a pet addendum.
  10. If the property has a pool, playground, fitness park or outdoor recreation area, children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult of 18 years or older at all times.
  11. All vehicles must be registered with management. Unauthorized and/or unknown vehicles are subject to ticketing, “booting” and/or towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  12. No automobiles are to be driven or parked in the yards. No washing cars, car repairs or oil changes are allowed on the complex property.
  13. Any inoperable automobiles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  14. No changes may be made to the property for flower beds or gardens without written permission from the management.
  15. Residents shall take proper care of the premises and its fixtures and shall promptly report to the manager when any equipment, fixture or portion of the premises is out of order.
  16. Locks may not be changed or added without permission of the management. Tenants who wish a lock to be changed must pay $50.00 for each lock changed plus $10.00 per key.
  17. All glass, locks and trim in or on the doors and windows of any building shall not be broken; if any part is broken through the fault of the resident or his guests, it shall be immediately replaced and repaired under the direction of and to the satisfaction of the management at the cost of the resident. Broken windows and damaged screens are the responsibility of the lease holder(s).
  18. The lease holder is responsible for any and all damages done to his/her apartment, and/or complex grounds as a result of the negligence of the resident or his guest(s). Maintenance due to tenant carelessness or neglect will be performed at a cost of $25.00 per hour labor cost with a $25.00 minimum charge.
  19. Maintenance requests will be taken via email or by notifying management in person or in writing.
  20. Residents will be charged for all material and labor for the repair of any equipment (including burst pipes) which results from failure to pay any utility bill or if the resident turns off the heat.
  21. Do not add any type of wallpaper, contact paper or paint to the walls of the apartment without permission from the management.
  22. No items are to be placed next to the hot water heater or the furnace due to fire hazard..
  23. Common hallways and porches are to be kept clutter and trash free. No garbage is to be left around your apartment door. All personal belongings must be kept indoors.
  24. Littering is prohibited. Repeat offenders will be fined and/or evicted.
  25. Items that are too large to fit into the dumpster provided for trash will be removed at your expense. Do not place furniture in the hallways or around the dumpsters.
  26. All furnished appliances are the property of the owner and not to be removed or sold. Do not work on or make repairs to any equipment without permission from the management.
  27. The laundry facilities are for the use of RESIDENTS ONLY. Be respectful of others when utilizing these facilities and DO NOT monopolize the machines for long periods of time, leave trash and discarded clothing or leave spills and leaks which could cause other harm. Report inoperable machines to management immediately.
  28. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the laundry, on the grounds or in other public areas of the complex.
  29. No more than one household per unit, unless authorized in writing by management. All occupants of the residence must meet all occupancy requirements.

Studio/One Bedroom:   maximum 2 persons

Two Bedroom:              maximum 4 persons

Three Bedroom:           maximum 6 persons

The previous occupancy requirements (A-D) are for all tenants. Households exceeding the per bedroom maximum will be transferred to a larger apartment. If no larger apartment is available, the lease holder and all occupants are no longer eligible for tenancy.

  1. Any act, omission to act, or negligence of the lease holder, a member of the household, or guest(s), which result in the disconnection of any utility service will result in the lease holder receiving a notice in writing, from management, to restore the service. If the service is not restored within 24 hours from the date the notice is issued, the lease will be terminated.
  2. No grilling or open flames on wood structures or within 15 feet of any residential building. This includes fire pits, torches and both gas and charcoal grills. Electric grills are permitted within all areas.

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